Classic cars EV conversion

Where History Meets the Future

At the auto group we bridge the gap between classic cars and environmental consciousness. Our Electric Vehicle (EV) conversions combine the timeless appeal of classic cars with modern eco-tech.

Silent Power, Timeless Charm

Experience the serenity of silent electric power without compromising the classic car’s aesthetics. We preserve the essence of your vintage vehicle while ushering in a new era of sustainability.

The Unique Classic-EV Blend

Enjoy the nostalgia of a classic car with the performance and efficiency of an electric vehicle. It’s a unique driving experience.

Join the Movement

As the world goes green, classic car enthusiasts can lead the way. An EV conversion ensures your classic aligns with the demands of the future.

Preservation, Not Modification

We respect the classics. Our conversions seamlessly integrate electric power without altering the car’s original beauty.

Eco-Friendly Cruising

Choose an EV conversion for a cleaner planet. Zero tailpipe emissions reduce your carbon footprint and contribute to a greener future.

Start Your Journey

At The Auto Group, we’re committed to preserving heritage and promoting sustainability. Contact us today to discover classic cars in a new light.